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General Information Sites
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  Link   Perry Bulwer - Bright On The Edge
An archive of news items related to child abuse or neglect, or infringement of children's rights, in a religious context. Perry is ex Children of God/The Family International.
  Link   Inside Polygamy
Discover the origins of polygamy and the threats under which women conform to itís practices. Learn about the needs of those leaving this controlling environment through my specialized training which offers solutions to this growing social problem.
  Link   Mason\'s Opinions on Cults and Religious Abuse
We want people to have the information that they need to make wise choices. We encourage everyone to question everything and use the critical discernment skills that god has given you a mind for. Do not let others do your thinking for you.
  Link   Working Psychology
Looks at the scientific study and application of psychological influence and the fields which depend on successful influence for success. (The scientific investigation of influence can be traced to the mid-20th century.)
  Link   Manipulation Nation
Recognizing manipulation . . . one situation at a time. Contains stories of people and organizations taking advantage of their power, identifying issues or perspectives on manipulation.
  Link   The Secret Exposed as a false and deceptive philosophy
"The Secret" that is sweeping some parts of the world and luring in many people to apply it to their lives is based on a false, very dangerous, and deceptive philosophy and law.
  Link   Cephas Ministry
It is our job as Christians, to DISCERN THE TRUTH by comparing Biblical teachings to their teachings. Our sole purpose is to seek to alert Christians about Cults and Bible Prophecies. Our focus is eternal life with Christ Jesus.
  Link   CARES, Cult Awareness RESources-International
These days they are known as CultsOnCampus.com
  Link   Yahoo - Great site for just about anything!
Yahoo's Religion and Spirituality --> Cults section of their directory.
  Link   London Observer
This section of observer.co.uk is now defunct, but you may be able to view a copy through to the link of the site in the Internet Archive. Ability to view changes on a day to day basis.
  Link   Jeff Jacobsen\'s Site
  Link   Christian Research Institute Files
  Link   Ex-Cultworld Magazine
An on-line magazine for current and ex-members of The Way International, offshoot groups like Christian Educational Services (CES), Christian Family Fellowship (CFF) and others, plus general articles about cult involvement. The magazine features in
  Link   Steven Hassan\'s Resource Centre
"Truth is stronger than lies and love is stronger than fear!" It has been more than a decade since I first said these words while giving a university lecture and they have come to represent the essence of my beliefs. As a former cult member, author,
  Link   International Cultic Studies Association
A secular, nonprofit research and educational organization founded in 1979 which studies psychological manipulation and cultic groups, educates the public and professionals, and assists those adversely affected by cult experience.
  Link   Joe Szimhart
Informed insight into the work of a Thought Reform Consultant
  Link   Cult Information Service (Brisbane)
Brisbane based cult information service which started as a part of the Chaplaincy Centre at the University of Queensland.
  Link   Cults and Spiritually Abusive Churches Resource
This page offers links to online resources which explore subjects which include: *recognizing cults and spiritual abuse *myths surrounding cult membership *what to do when you suspect someone has joined a cult *healing f
  Link   New Testament Christian Church Exposed
What New Testament Christian Churches of America won't tell you, even if you ask.