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Stories of Ex-Members
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  Link   I Survived Armstrongism
"We are the children of the Worldwide Church of God / Grace Communion International."
  Link   Conversations with an ex-Jehovah’s Witness
These are the diaries and musings of a woman who was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, left the faith as a teen and lives as a disfellowshipped adult, shunned by her family.
  Link   ABC History (Assembly of the Body of Christ)
On this blog I am posting my research and personal knowledge of the origins, goals and purposes of a church named "The Assembly of the Body of Christ". I am also seeking current or former members willing to talk of their experiences in the church.
  Link   The Eastern Orthodox cult in America
This is a brief memoir about the serious consequences of blindly following a "spiritual father"; what happened to a loving, normal family because of this; and how it feels to be disowned by one's own family for not being part of the cult.