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Jehovah\'s Witnesses - Legal
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  Link   Employment issues unique to Jehovah\'s Witnesses
Summarizes over 400 lawsuits filed by Jehovah's Witnesses against their Employers, incidents involving problem JW Employees, and other secret JW "history" court cases.
  Link   Divorce, blood transfusions and other issues ...
The website summarizes 500 U.S. court cases and lawsuits affecting children of Jehovah's Witness Parents, including 300+ cases where the JW Parents refused to consent to life-saving blood transfusions for their dying children.
  Link   JW Child Custody
Statistics show that over 1,000 custody cases are fought each year involving Jehovah’s Witness children. Of those cases over 90% will be lost due to Watchtower Lawyer manipulation of the legal system. Find out why and more.
  Link   Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion - Jehovah\'s Witnesses in Crisis
Approximately 5,000 pages of court documents amassed from twelve court record depositories in four states of USA. These court documents are the result of twelve lawsuits as far back as 1999. Records and commentary are available on CD.