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Humour (quite important at times)
Sometimes you just need a break from it all ..... Enjoy!
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  Link   Mormonism for Dummies
Covers just about everything. Even printing your own temple pass!
  Link   Churches ad hoc: a divine comedy
Some brilliantly classic captions in their collection of photos of churches. Well worth a look.
  Link   Ship of Fools
The long running and legendary site which bills itself as "The magazine of Christian unrest". Don't miss the "Mystery Worshipper" reports. 'Born Twice' is pretty hilarious too!
  Link   God Hates Figs
A satire on the Westboro Baptist (not a real Baptist church) "God Hates Fags" site.
  Link   Are Your Cats Old Enough To Learn About Jesus?
People often ask me when they should teach the Good News to their housecats. I have but one answer: "What are you waiting for?"
  Link   Where is Jesus?
It's the Jesus equivalent of "Where's Wally". Depending on how many times you find Jesus, you can be born again again again again again!