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Spiritual Abuse
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  Link   Searching for the truth about Two Rivers Baptist Church
The mission of this web site is to provide an alternate viewpoint on what the problems are at Two Rivers Baptist Church. All that people have heard has either come from the pulpit or from the media. Most of the info from these sources is inaccurate.
  Link   Under Much Grace - Confronting spiritual abuse in biblical and christian churches
As a voice against the abuses of legalism, may this site serve as a voice of grace in the wilderness and as a witness against such abuses. Includes resources on Spiritual Abuse.
  Link   GRAACE: Growing Relationships After Abusive Church Experiences
Assisting Christians who have experienced abuse in a church environment. When this happens, people are often not only hurt like other abuse victims, but they can question the very foundations of their faith.
  Link   Anchor Abuse
The strange but honest truth about Anchor Missionary Fellowship Church. Includes links to other related sites.
  Link   Generation$ Church
Generating awareness of the Generations Church cult. The site is the result of the authors personal experiences with Generations Church.
  Link   Spiritual Abuse - What is it? (Internet Archive Copy)
  Link   Recovering from Spiritual Abuse