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  Link   A Simple Life - Moving Forward
Site for a network marking couple who had the largest independent Melaleuca business in Australia in 2005, 2006 and 2007. This is their story. Find out about their "Business to last a lifetime".
  Link   Tvind Alert
Humana People-to-People and Teachers Group Alert.
  Link   Advantage Conferences Truth
This is the truth about the Advantage Conferences opportunity run by Tim Darnell.
  Link   What\'s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?
Not a site, but an article that we would have loved to reproduce. Unfortunately, reposting is not allowed for this one. Highly recommended and one of the best articles on the subject. Excellent starting point.
  Link   The Disembodied Head of Dick Devos
Satirical blog from the point of view of Dick Devos, (floating) head of Amway.
  Link   Landmark Education Wrongful Death Lawsuit Case Page
  Link   Amway Quixtar Info
"The Web's largest public collection of Quixtar and Amway information"
  Link   Mary Kay Sucks
A blog exposing the truth about Mary Kay Cosmetics. Includes tips on how to return your existing inventory, as well as hillarious comments on dealing with Kaybots and other matters.
  Link   Amway Classic Sound Bites
Both music (Sanborn singers etc) and speakers. Some of this could be music that you have been desperately trying to get out of your head. :-)
  Link   Amway: The Untold Story
Amway has used legal threats to close as many mirror copies of this site down as possible. Here's one that remains open.
  Link   The Amway Page (Internet Archive copy)
  Link   MetroActive News & Issues - Multilevel Marketing
  Link   Jackie\'s Amway Info Page (Internet Archive copy)
  Link   Merchants of Deception (Amway + Quixtar)
If you have ever been recruited to join a "Network Marketing Opportunity" or one of the Amway Quixtar motivational organizations, you can now learn from experience someone else's and it's far less expensive. With free downloadable book.