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Psychotherapy / Education Based
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  Link   Anti-Landmark (blog)
Have you ever been part of the Landmark Forum or been affected by it? Maybe a family member or friend has taken part in their introductory forum. I know how you feel.
  Link   LandieLove, Landmark Advisor
The dose of humour you need when your significant others are involved in Landmark Education. Done in an Agony Aunt style. Hilarious!
  Link   The Robbins Matter (part one)
Michael Roes offers us this two-part article on an Anthony Robbins' [AR] "Unleash the Power Within" [UPW] seminar. Most revealing on how it all works.
  Link   The Robbins Matter (part two)
Part two of this article.
  Link   Tony Robbins (Unleash The Power Within)
A first hand, critical view of how the Tony Robbins Organization performs and operates.
  Link   Myspace site - Over the GW (movie)
"Over the GW, written and directed by Nick Gaglia, is a poignant story based on his experience in a cult-like rehab. This film exposes corrupt rehabilitation centers which prey upon vulnerable teens and their parents and are still widespread.
  Link   Jennifer\'s page about Landmark Education (Archived circa 2001)
Written by Jennifer Moore who had done quite a lot of Landmark courses, and subsequently created this site whilst fascinated by Landmark and its interaction with society. Site was discontinued in 2001 rather than extensively rewrite and update it.
  Link   The Truth about Human Potential Seminars
Exposing the truth about Human Potential Seminars and Large Group Awareness Training.