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Other BIBLE BASED Cults & Isms
  Web Link
  Link   Ex Church of Christ support group
When a family member leaves these hard-line Churches of Christ they are viewed as lost and out of relationship with God. This site can help.
  Link   Tales from the Crypt (Brisbane Christian Fellowship)
So many members of religious cults are too frightened to speak: while they are in the cult, and after they come out. The cardinal rule all abusers enforce on their victims is "Don't talk" lest we assert ourselves and reveal the abuse.
  Link   Bust-Up in Bountiful (polygamy mini-site)
As well as the Fifth Estate video story, there is a timeline on the history of polygamy, a photo gallery, interview profiles, a discussion, links to related studies, and links to external resources.
  Link   Tony Alamo News
Our goal is to promote awareness and understanding of the true nature of Alamo Christian Ministries and of the exploitation of its members by self-proclaimed "World Pastor" Tony Alamo.
  Link   Local Church Heresy False Unorthodox Teachings
Local Church site with content in both Chinese and English.
  Link   Planetshakers Insider
With church services that look more like U2 concerts than sermons and energetic preaching, it’s an exciting place to be. But increasingly, working out where the hype ends and Jesus begins is becoming difficult.
  Link   Exploitative Christianity
Isn’t all Christianity exploitative? That would be the view of many who’ve never had contact with this curious religion but as one who’s been on the inside, I can definitively say there are bright sides and darker sides to Christianity.
  Link   Christian Assemblies International - the truth
A extremely self serving and therefore sectarian Pentecostal cult, pretending to be a church! On the other side it is a comparatively small group which is still lead by the self-appointed Pastor and so called Overseer Scott Williams.
  Link   My Brethren
HISTORY and MINISTRY of the early "EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN" (so-called). Premier resource for their origin, progress and testimony 1827-1959 and onward.
  Link   NOT New Testament Christian Churches of America
Blog that is "a place to discuss NTCC doctrine, culture, error, and exit trauma and to reconnect".
  Link   Foursquare Church links
Loads of links to pages of information on various aspects of the Foursquare movement.
  Link   Larouche Planet
"This website about the "LaRouche phenomenon" is unique because it is written by those who know him best: the ex-members of his Organization. They have spent decades of their lives working with and for him."
  Link   My Conclusion (Family International - Children of God - David Berg)
Opinions, responses, and views by current second-generation members of the Family International (formerly known as the Children of God).
  Link   Ambassadors for Moon blog
Keeping tabs on the Universal Peace Federation and the Ambassadors for Peace. Written by Richard Bartholomew of "Bartholomew's Notes on Religion" seen on Salon.com
  Link   Pseudo-Prophet (St. Anthony\'s Monastery)
"A man who goes by the name of Elder Ephraim is operating what I believe to be a destructive mind control cult that includes over 16 monasteries throughout the United States."
  Link   Unofficial Gospel Assembly Church Website
An expose of the Lloyd Goodwin Gospel Assembly Churches. Includes false peophecies, miscelaneous quotes, personal experiences, audio, photos, press articles and more.
  Link   Information about the Local Church of Witness Lee
This website contains both analysis of mind control in the Local Church of Witness Lee aka Lord's recovery and theological analysis of the doctrines of Local Church. Both of them were made by a former member of the Local Church.
  Link   \"Banking on Heaven\" documentary
Documentary: the inside story of the largest polygamous enclave in the United States, written, produced, and narrated by Laurie Allen, who escaped a similar polygamous sect at age sixteen.
  Link   Walk Away from Fundamentalism
Support, advice, and community for those who have left or are in the process of leaving fundamentalist Christianity.
  Link   Blog: Only 28 more years to go (University Bible Fellowship)
Thoughts of a former member of the University Bible Fellowship (UBF)
  Link   Blog: Yoneq and The Twelve Tribes
Dedicated to educate anyone who will listen to what is really behind the curtains of the Twelve Tribes. If you or a love one is considering interacting with this group, please read through this website and the attached links first.
  Link   Saving Ruth (Anchor Fellowship)
Blog Regarding Anchor Fellowship as well as Bill and Ardith Keef, and the task of rescuing Ruth from their influence. With stories from other people as well.
  Link   Reveal
An Organization of Former Members of the International Churches of Christ (ICC) (ICOC),Boston Church of Christ/"Boston Movement", and Crossroads Church of Christ/"Crossroads Movement".
  Link   Tony Alamo News (Alamo Christian Ministries)
To promote awareness and understanding of the true nature of Alamo Christian Ministries and of the exploitation of its members by self-proclaimed "World Pastor" Tony Alamo. A resource for victims, survivors, their family and friends.
  Link   ReGAIN (Ex Legionaires of Christ)
ReGAIN's mission is to outreach, unite and support those touched or adversely affected by the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement. Past and present members and all those who quest for justice and truth, resolution and healing are invited.
  Link   Misreading Watchman/Witness Lee
Misreadings of Watchman Nee and the saved files of Jim Moran's writings on the Local Church cult. Extensive site with a discussion forum attached.
  Link   Community Chapel on the Web Today
Site by Steve Born who was a member, graduate of its Bible college, and believer in its theology. Contains articles, discussion board, and links to other resources.
  Link   Foursquare / Potters House / C.F.M. Churches
The Truth About The So Called Most Powerful Move Of God In The Earth Today.
  Link   Is Opus Dei a powerful, ruthless, secret cult within the Catholic Church?
Dan Brown's best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code, has given worldwide notoriety to an influential, growing Roman Catholic religious movement: Opus Dei (which means "the work of God"). Is it true, as Brown claims, that Opus Dei is a powerful, ruthles
  Link   The JMS Cult (Jung Myung Seok)
Jung Myung Seok: Messiah, Alleged Serial Rapist, & Fugitive. Korean sex cult.
  Link   False teachings of Lee Jae-Rock & the Manmin cult
Lee Jae Rock sounds like a great spiritual healing evangelist and does preach biblica1 sermons at his large public crusades, but underneath the surface is in reality a heretical teacher.
  Link   XFamily
Working together to collate and divulge information in order to counter the veil of secrecy surrounding The Family (Children of God). A collaborative work from diverse individuals.
  Link   University Bible Fellowship (Rescue) site
A portal and information source to help and support people who have left UBF and also those who may be seeking to inform family members and loved ones who may be involved with UBF.
  Link   \"Local Church\" Information Site
Deals with the Local Church, which takes on the indentity of "The Church in [city name]". Provides a free library of information and research materials with articles, essays and personal testimonies from current and former members.
  Link   TOLC - Triumphong Over London\'s Cults
A group of former members of the International Churches of Christ. Originally focusing on the London Church of Christ we now carry information about the ICC's activities worldwide.