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Mind Dynamics (precursor to LGAT)

Mind Dynamics - Alexander Everett

Mind Dynamics, founded by Alexander Everett, was the major forerunnner of the Large Group Awareness Trainings. Although it was only in existence for a few years, it has certainly sparked an entire industry of similar trainings.

Alexander Everett was from England and arrived in America in 1962 and went to Missouri. "Deciding that the Unity ministry was not his calling, he (Alexander Everett) left Missouri in 1963 and went to Fort Worth, Texas, where he had been invited to help establish a private boarding school. He remained in Texas for seven years. In Texas, he not only helped set up the Fort Worth Country Day School but more importantly, completed the work that led to the founding in 1968 of Mind Dynamics, the experiential human potential training organization that was to become the forerunner of est, Lifespring, Actualizations, and several other human potential training organizations that flourished in the 1970s and continue to do so in the 80s.

Alexander states that Mind Dynamics grew out of the various paths of spiritual and personal growth that he had been exploring since leaving England. He lists, as the primary influences, Edgar Cayce's work, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Egyptology, Silva Mind Control, and, of course, Unity. He knew when he put the Mind Dynamics course together that, primarily, he wanted to develop a training that dealt with the workings of the mind, and secondly, since we live in the Aquarian Age, a mind sign, that he wanted to have the word "mind" in the organization's name.

The four-day trainings, which were largely experiential, caught on rapidly--not in Texas, where they were first offered, but in California, where Alexander was soon being invited to present them. As a result the headquarters of Mind Dynamics was moved to San Francisco in 1970. Interest in the course, however, was not restricted to California. During the four remaining years of the organization's existence, the course was taught throughout the United States and in Europe and Australia.

Looking back upon it, Alexander feels that the organizations expanded too quickly. It grew larger than he had originally intended, and was soon being controlled by the dynamic, young staff that he had recruited. Alexander brought in as trainers young men who were soon to become leaders in the human potential movement that spread throughout California in the 1970s and, later, across the country."

Mind Dynamics was a success and attracted William Penn Patrick's attention. He had a pyramid sales organization called Holiday Magic, which sold cosmetics. He also had a training organization known as Leadership Dynamics. He bought Everett's training in 1970 intending to use it as an additional training vehicle for his distributors. While Mind Dynamics was a non-confrontational course in self-hypnosis like the Silva Method, the Leadership Dynamics program was a hard hitting group encounter. The influences of both trainings are found in the training organizations which followed.

William Penn Patrick's Leadership Dynamics training organization went out of control in its methods according to a book called "The Pit, a group encounter defiled" by Gene Church (out of print). The resulting lawsuits pretty much shut down Leadership Dynamics as well as Mind Dynamics. The Holiday Magic MLM was busted as a pyramid scheme. Penn Patrick died when he crashed his F-86 Sabre at an airshow in Sacramento.

When Leadership Dynamics and Mind Dynamics shut down, some of the instructors went out on their own.

  • Four of them [Bob White, Randy Revell, Charlene Afremow, John Hanley] founded Lifespring in 1974. (Note: Original web site thoroughly smited.  You can see this site and this site.)
  • Another, Werner Erhard, founded est in 1971 which evolved into The Forum.
  • Bob White left Lifespring, went to Japan, and started a training organization there called Life Dynamics.
  • Randy Revell left Lifespring and founded the Context Trainings.
  • Charlene Afremow joined Erhard's organization as a trainer. She later left in a dispute (internet archive copy) and is now back at Lifespring.
  • Howard Nease founded Personal Dynamics.
  • Jim Quinn founded Lifestream
  • Thomas Willhite founded PSI World Seminars
  • Stewart Emery worked for est and later founded Actualizations
  • William Penn Patrick's training organization recovered and is known today as Leadership Dynamics

Other influences on LGAT development include Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich", the experiential exercises developed by National Training Labs (which has its own share of controversy), the Esalen Institute, and Gestalt Therapy .

Continuing his quest for knowledge, Alexander Everett journeyed to Russia and India, in 1974, to study and experience Eastern philosophy and religion.

In 1977, he began teaching Inward Bound, an activity that occupies most of his time to this day. Everett's Inward Bound two-day seminar is devoted to helping attendees enjoy personal growth and discover the genius within them. He has also developed programs on audio cassette.


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