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Hubbard On Christianity & god

What Scientology REALLY Thinks of the Judeo/Christian God

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Hubbard on Christianity and God
Date: 25 Feb 1996 22:59:04 GMT 

Here are some quotes I found on God, Christianity and similar things. First we have the official attitude when disseminating and then he's real opinions. This is typical of the hypocrisy of the church.

ABILITY magazine 1955

A manual on Dissemination of Material

Should anyone challenge you for having suddenly secured a relief in a hospital or an institution from some dire malady which balked the efforts of the professional men in charge of it...you should be extremely dismayed, and act it, to find yourself in the presence of barbarians who do not believe in the power of prayer, in the will of God or the promises of Jesus Christ.... And you should immediately make it your business to place this matter before the proper authorities, that people are in charge of an institution her, are not Christians, and do not believe in God.

HCOB 18 July 1959

The whole christian movement is based on the victim.... They won by appealing to victims. We can win by converting victims. Christianity succeeded by making people into victims.

PDC 14

We've been able to measure everything else. In absence of that we've been driven to this incredible length. In absence of trying to find a supreme being for this universe, why we've been driven to the incredible length of having to discover that uh.. uh.. probably the mostest god you'll ever know is you in this universe and uh.. for lack of a.. lack of a nice big fellow who anthromorphically sits on a throne and uh.. has a greed for adulation which would be found disgusting in any mortal (I'm quoting the Greeks now. The sources of Christianity, Plato, the great pagan, he's their sole reason for authority). Anyway, didn't you know that, that Christianity is based upon the writings of Plato, and the Catholic Church at all times when challenged about its doctrines has uniformly referred to the authority called Plato? You understand I'm not.. not in any way, sense or form against the Church. I think the Church is a good organization. But we got a better one now.

PDC 11

First thing they tell you, "God is everywhere." Rrrrr. You mean we can't have any of our own space in this universe because that's all God's space. That's the neatest trick of the universe. That's been perpetuated for 76 trillion years. You think that's new?


So he (the thetan)has as far as we can see in the manufacture of energy, about the same capabilities as those which have been assigned to the Supreme Being in this universe. The proprietor of the MEST universe, I suppose, has got his characteristics and so forth, uh.. uh.. as good as some of the thetans I've processed. I hope so.

Uh.. but just because we would have a proprietor of this universe uh.. that could do this and that or a manufacturer of this universe could do this and that, that would be no reason whatsoever to assume that that proprietor were necessarily the highest level of proprietor there could be.

There are gods and makers of gods. And this is a minor universe. All right, it's a big, sloppy one.

PDC 14

If nobody to date has been able to actually spot with a meter the existence of commands from a Supreme Being.. you see, he's got no reason or right to keep insisting that people receive commands from a Supreme Being. He has no reality on it. He.. he couldn't.. he couldn't get a good agreement on this except on a stampede basis. It cannot be scientifically established the geographical location of a fellow by the no.. name of the Supreme Being, MEST universe. That can't be established.

A lot of fellows been trying that. This does not say that there aren't such things as gods and makers of gods. But it does say that this cardboard thing-a-ma-bob that they sell by painting signs on the rocks probably isn't sending out anything for us to experience at all.

PAB 18

People who spend too much time propitiating God are in actuality certain beneath the surface that they deserve a great deal of punishment from that being.

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