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Spies And All That Stuff

This is a true story about how a cult may have blackmailed an attorney.

There was once a brave and courageous lawyer named Graham Berry. He had a client named Dr. Uwe Geertz, who was Steve Fishman's psychologist.

The Church of Scientology sued Dr. Geertz and Steve Fishman because of statements they made in Time Magazine.

Graham Berry fought hard for his client, Dr. Geertz, and also was helpful and supportive to Steve Fishman, even though he did not represent him, because he believed in Steve and knew how both he and Dr. Geertz had suffered.

For his efforts, Graham Berry was placed under surveillance and followed on a full time basis by a private investigator for the Church of Scientology named Eugene Ingram. Eugene Ingram used to be a police officer in Los Angeles, but resigned from the Los Angeles Police Department in 1980 because the District Attorney found out he had been a pimp and ran a whore house.

Eugene Ingram haunted Graham Berry day and night, questioning his neighbors, friends, and even as far as New Zealand, where Graham Berry was born.

Unable to find anything to incriminate or blackmail Graham Berry with, Eugene Ingram began to investigate Graham Berry's boss.

Graham Berry's boss or employer was an attorney named Robert F. Lewis.

Robert F. Lewis is the senior partner of Lewis, D'Amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard, the prestigious law firm where Graham Berry worked.

Eugene Ingram then focused all of his investigation onto Robert F. Lewis. He found out that Robert F. Lewis was having an affair. Robert F. Lewis is also married.

Scientology attorneys requested a meeting with Robert F. Lewis. One of those lawyers was Scientology attorney John Quinn, of the law firm of Quinn, Kully and Morrow.

Soon after the meeting, Robert F. Lewis ordered Graham Berry to drop Dr. Geertz as a client, and not to handle any more Scientology lawsuits. Graham Berry was and still is very upset by this.

Lawrence Wollersheim wanted to retain Graham Berry as a lawyer to collect his five million dollar judgment, but Robert Lewis would not let Graham Berry take the case.

Graham Berry had fought hard to keep the OT levels unsealed and in the public domain.

But once Dr. Geertz was without a lawyer, Scientology managed to persuade the judge in the Fishman-Geertz case, whose name was Judge Harry Hupp, to temporarily seal the OT levels. This happened on August 15, 1995, during the time that Dr. Geertz had no attorney.

Since that time, Dr. Geertz hired a new attorney, named Ford Greene. Ford Greene is now helping Dr. Geertz sue the Church of Scientology. What exactly happened behind those closed doors when Robert F. Lewis met with the Scientology attorneys?

Why did Robert Lewis force Graham Berry to drop Dr. Geertz as a client?

Did the Church blackmail Robert F. Lewis? Did they threaten to tell his wife that he had been cheating on her?

Why is it that the wife is always the last one to know?

I hope Mrs. Robert F. Lewis reads a.r.s. She might put two and two together.

Fair Game is not very fair.