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A Statement By Gerald Armstrong

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A Statement By Gerald Armstrong
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From: Bob Penny This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Gerald Armstrong message to a.r.s.
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 12:49:13 -0500


This text is by Gerald Armstrong.

This introduction is by Bob Penny.

The attention of many people has been captured recently by the obvious injustice of Scientology's actions toward Dennis Erlich and Netcom, by the cult's attempt to suppress free speech on the Internet. I'm afraid some people consider this extraordinary and worthy of special concern, a special threat to our First Amendment freedoms. It is not. Dennis' case just shows, yet again, what Scientology is really all about. If anything is surprising or extraordinary, it is the moral cowardice of so many people, which has created an environment in which Scientology expects to get away with such things and much, much more.

And the situation is much worse. Anyone can understand an attempt to suppress free speech. Anyone can understand fraud and a Mafia-like criminal organization. Those are the LEAST of the dangers of Scientology. The real danger is represented by the "Free Zone," by cowardly "New Age" refusal to grow up and face facts. Scientology is not good tech misused by a bad organization. It is no "tech" at all. It is people compromising their integrity in favor of wishful thinking. It is, like the "psychic friends network" and other nonsense (for entertainment purposes only, must by 18 years of age), a deliberate attempt to obscure the difference between sense and nonsense whether for financial gain or merely in support of one's pet ideas or friends.

Many of us have kids. It MATTERS whether drugs are "just another lifestyle choice." It MATTERS whether skinheads and neo-Nazis are "just another lifestyle choice." It MATTERS whether safe sex and AIDS are "just another lifestyle choice." It MATTERS whether cults are "just another lifestyle choice." The difference between sense and nonsense MATTERS. It is vitally important that we teach our kids.

This is the real meaning of Dennis Erlich's inFormer headline: SCIENTOLOGY IS CHILD ABUSE.

Now I will shut up and present Gerry Armstrong's text which was the inspiration for what I just wrote. He said he didn't mind if I did an introduction, "after all, I'm fair game." But obviously, he is not responsible for my tirade.