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Truth about L Ron Hubbards Academic Status

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: L. Ron Hubbard's Academic training
Date: 6 Dec 1995 21:51:06 -0700

There are many claims as to Hubbard's education. Below is the latest from what I've found about this controversy. (as of 11/11/95)

"L. Ron Hubbard, one of America's first nuclear physicists, ..." [inside jacket of All About Radiation].
When did he get his degree in nuclear physics? This requires a PhD, does it not? when did he study? Where did he get this degree?
"...L. Ron Hubbard was trained in mathematics, science and engineering at George Washington University, in government at Princeton and has a Doctor of Philosophy degree." [inside jacket of A History of Man]
Same questions; where did he get this degree? When? When did he study for this?
"I was a Ph.D., Sequoia's University and therefore a perfectly valid doctor under the laws of the State of California." [HCOPL 14 Feb. 1966 "Doctor Title Abolished"].
In this HCOPL LRH says he does not want to be called "doctor" anymore. Sequoia University was a diploma mill. Was this for the Philosophy or Nuclear Physics degree? When did he study for this?

In Professional Auditor's Bulletin #82, "Scientology, Translator's Edition" 1 May, 1956, by "L. Ron Hubbard, Ph.D. C.E." we have the statement that Scientology "was organized by L. Ron Hubbard, an American, who has many degrees" (Tech. Bulletins, vol. 2, p.406). Let's say "many degrees" means 3, and from the heading we can infer that one of these degrees is a Ph.D. So we're talking a minimum of 5 1/2 years for the 3 B.A.'s or B.S.'s, and another 3 anyway for the Ph.D. Now I challenge all you Scientologists out there to tell me which 8 1/2 years Hubbard was in college. Andy, are you up to it? We know he went 2 years to George Washington University but never finished there. Where else did he go? When? What is the evidence?

I have some of the Michael Shannon research, and he got Hubbard's transcripts from George Washington University. Here are the transcripts;

1st semester

English 1/2, Rhetoric C
General Chemistry 3/4 D
Mechanical Engineering 3/4 B
Analytical Geometry F
Physical Education C
First year German E
Civil Engineering B

2nd semester

English 1/2 Rhetoric B
General Chemistry 3/4 D
Mechanical Engineering C
Physical Education A
First year German F
Differential Calculus F

1st semester

Physics, dynamics of sound and light E
Differential Calculus D
Integral Calculus Plane Anal. Geometry D
English, short stories B

2nd semester

Integral Calculus D
English, Short Stories B
Physics, electricity and magnetism D
Nuclear Physics F

The GPA comes to a D.

And this is the guy who got at least 2 Ph.D.'s??? Wow. Shannon says Hubbard was asked to leave after the second year due to poor grades.

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