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John Roger and MSIA

Article Index
John Roger and MSIA
Legitimacy versus Authenticity
A Brief History of M.S.I.A.
J.R. is a Plagiarist
Paul Twitchell
Florence Scovel Shinn (1925)
John Roger Hinkins (1981) [Affirmations]
J.R. Sexually Manipulates His Disciples
J.R. is a Charlatan
The Traditional Analysis
The Humanistic and Transpersonal Critique
The Red Monk Disease

John-Roger's Cosmology (Region and Sound)

  • 1. Physical (Thunder)
  • 2. Astral (Roaring Surf)
  • 3. Causal (Tinkle of Bells)
  • 4. Mental (Running Water)
  • 5. Soul (Sound of Flute)
  • Sound of Wind
  • Humming Sound
  • Ten Thousand Violins
  • Sound of Woodwinds

Roger's cosmology is exactly the same as Paul Twitchell's. This is unusual because of Twitchell's own creative implantations which were uniquely his own. Both of the above schemas represent a radical departure from the Radhasoami esoteric version which was the primary source for Twitchell's understanding of the Sound Current and Surat Shabd Yoga practice.

Not only did J.R. copy from Twitchell's publications (consciously or otherwise), but he also appropriated word for word from other metaphysical texts. Perhaps Roger's most graphic example of plagiarism was from Florence Scovel Shinn's book, The Game of Life and How to Play It, published by DeVorss & Company and copyrighted in 1925. Take a close look at the following comparisons; not a sentence has been changed: