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John Roger and MSIA

Article Index
John Roger and MSIA
Legitimacy versus Authenticity
A Brief History of M.S.I.A.
J.R. is a Plagiarist
Paul Twitchell
Florence Scovel Shinn (1925)
John Roger Hinkins (1981) [Affirmations]
J.R. Sexually Manipulates His Disciples
J.R. is a Charlatan
The Traditional Analysis
The Humanistic and Transpersonal Critique
The Red Monk Disease

Abstract: John-Roger was a one-time follower of Eckankar. He started his own group in 1968. He is reflective of a new wave of offshoots from Eckankar.

The J.R. Controversy

Chapter Four


A Critical Analysis of John-Roger Hinkins and M.S.I.A.

What would you do if you learned one day that your spiritual teacher sexually harassed his male disciples and covered up his sexual affairs; a plagiarist who lifted his teachings from other traditions without due reference; a spendthrift who lived extravagantly, though he took a vow of poverty; a questionable business man who engaged in risky and possibly illegal activities; and a religious charlatan who consistently told untruths about a variety of issues?

Break-off your discipleship? Leave the organization? Stay with the movement? How would you feel? Shocked, disgusted, saddened? Or, perhaps, a strong sense of rationalization: okay, he may be sexually manipulative, a plagiarist, a crook, and a liar, but I have benefitted from him spiritually!

Right now this is the dilemma of several members of M.S.I.A. (Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness) who believe that their teacher John-Roger has misled them and thousands of others. Based primarily upon the personal testimony of disciples of John-Roger about his hidden life, a scandal of devastating proportions has begun to rock the Movement's international membership. This article, the first of its kind, will take a close look at the present controversy, addressing the larger issue of how new religious groups should be studied in light of legitimacy and authenticity.