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New Age - Or Armageddon?

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New Age - Or Armageddon?
What is the New Age
Religious Solutions
Traditional Occult
Self Improvement
Cult Groups
World Religions
A Case Study
The Takeover of the Natural Health Movement
Some Recent Trends
Within The Chistian Church
666 and all that
Recognising a New Age group
A Decoding Exercise

A major misconception about the "New Age" movement is that it revolved solely around psychic phenomena and religious ideas borrowed from Hinduism and elsewhere. Exotic activities like channeling, crystal therapy or rebirthing, get most publicity and there is a general view that the "New Age" consists largely of the activities of a slightly lunatic minority group.The most important point to appreciate is that these aspects are but a VERY small part of an overall whole.

There are a number of trends in our western societies, which, when taken together with the ideas propounded by leading new age figures such as David Spangler and Marilyn Fergusson, suggest the formation of a "global society". [Which may or may not include Asian countries such as China]. This of course plunges us headlong into biblical theology concerning the "End Times".

These notes are concerned with the trends in RELIGIOUS CONCEPTS. It is only VERY SMALL part of the overall picture concerning just this ONE aspect.