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Response to Amway Misinformation

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Response to Amway Misinformation
On Free Speech
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Amway has recently published on its web site a statement regarding me and my reasons for removing information from my web site. As expected, this statement is replete with self-serving misinformation and distortions.

I have stated a number of times now on this web site that Amway has never once refuted any of the information on my web site, nor idicated to me why anything on this site would be considered illegal(1). This is still the case, despite requests from my attorney to Amway's attorneys to identify exactly what it is about my site or my conduct that they believe is actionable. Amway has also continued to imply--despite admitting that it has no evidence(2), and having never found or produced any such evidence in court or elsewhere despite its investigations--that there is something improper or even illegal about my consulting relationship with Procter & Gamble. Apparently Amway is not only contemptuous of the right to free speech when such speech is critical of Amway, but also has little regard for the notion of "innocent until proven guilty."

Amway's actions, while shamefully unethical, are hardly surprising when you consider the position in which Amway has put itself. Faced long ago with widespread, serious abuses perpetrated by the purveyors of the "tools business"--a system which Amway itself found to be "inherently illegal"(3)--Amway has not only failed to take adequate steps to protect distributors from these continued abuses(4), but has continued to glorify and promote as role models the originators and purveyors of the very system it determined to be illegal and abusive. This is not to mention Amway's history of other illegal and unethical activities, like customs fraud(5), price fixing(6), illegal misrepresentation of income(7), and (according to numerous lawsuits) improperly interfering in the businesses of its distributors(8) and failing to enforce its own rules(8).

Up until fairly recently, much of the information regarding these matters has been difficult for most people to come by, if indeed they even knew it existed. The lawsuits in particular are a prime example of this. With the advent and increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, however, millions of people can now locate with relative ease information which Amway could previously count on to remain buried in a box somewhere in a courthouse basement, or to molder away in library stacks. (Although, as we will see, Amway is now trying to bury this information even on the internet.)

Amway now finds themselves caught, through no one's fault but their own, with their ethical pants down. Faced with glaring evidence of unethical and illegal conduct, they have the same choices that we as individuals have (and one that most of us don't):

  1. They can attempt to refute the evidence. Amway has so far not even tried to do this, at least not that I've seen.
  2. If unable to refute the evidence, they can own up to what they did and try to make it right, or...
  3. They can continue to deny what is there in black and white for everyone to see. And if you're a billion dollar company, you can devote your considerable resources to trying to suppress embarrassing information and harass and intimidate those who would try to make this information available to the public.
I think it's obvious which route Amway has chosen to take.

Now that Amway's statements have been put in their proper context, I'd like go through them point by point. Amway's statements are in italics.