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Mind Control - A Simple Mechanism

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Mind Control - A Simple Mechanism
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 This is a copy of the information posted by Ashley Wilkes on his website "Amway Motivational Organization, The Nightmare Builders". Following months of legal harassment, and the resultant emotional and financial strain on its owner, the site was closed in mid 1999. To ensure the truth continues to be known, I am posting it here.


The great AMO motivators like to use the term "thought reform" as the final product of their motivational systems. They say they seek only to create an inpenetrable positive mental attitude (PMA) in distributors so they can quickly get from point A to point B on the road to "success". "Point A" being broke, stagnant, anxious, confused, directionless, irresponsible, ineffectual - any one or any combination of these undesirable states. Point B, of course, is the diamond level and is championed by AMO leaders as the state of total personal and financial freedom. AMO motivators make most of their millions from their systems and condition their devotees to believe that the only way to make it to this state of complete freedom is by being "thought reformed" through their "proven" motivational system. In my view, taking into consideration what I've personally experienced and observed in others and from hundreds of testimonials from harmed distributors, "thought reform" is a delusion-based euphemism for mind control and the AMO facilitation of it is blatantly cultist.

Something I learned about mind control, having had direct experience with its adverse effects through involvement in a number of cults: it's an insidiously simple mechanism. So simple and subtle that I'm often befuddled at the enormous writings on the subject that endlessly dissect and examine its aspects and make it appear hopelessly complicated.

My most recent involvement with mind control was in an Amway Motivational Organization (AMO), and was the most devastating. An expose of what I speak can be found in the AMO Squeeze. Here I will share the insights and conclusions I have reached about the true nature of mind control, how simple and subtle the mechanism actually is.

After all, the high-level distributors in AMO-way who develop their own AMO's know little and care even less about brain function or an overly complicated analysis of why their "motivational activity" brings them such financial success (why their mind control tactics work so well to create faithful motivation and personal-use addicts). The only thing "Black Hats" have to know and DO know implicitly is the simple and subtle truth of mind-control: Mind control is the certain and predictable product of THE FREQUENT REPETITION OF STRATEGIC IDEAS OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME - the same mechanism that results in HABIT, good or bad.

This can be put to use in any kind of psycho-emotional environment. It may be done in the context of suppression, coercion, or force or it can be done in the AMO-way "system of motivation", e.g. at rallies, in Amvox® messages, at strategy meetings, on seminar tapes, in counseling sessions with upline, and in AMO recommended books. It's simply the frequent repetition of the same ideas over an extended period of time.

One only has to repeat an action, or a thought often enough and long enough for it to become a "brain imprint" or a neurological "circuit" or simply: a HABIT - 21 days or more of repeating a behavior or thought process will lock an individual into the repeated action. AMO leaders know this simple truth. This is why they encourage, even pressure distributors (by making it clear they won't help those who aren't core) to immerse themselves totally in "the system" because "the system" is designed to efficiently create the automaticities (habits) necessary for distributors to buy motivation and do "personal-use. " This is how the huge profits are generated exponentially through AMO's. When enough automatons are created, success becomes automatic. Combine this with the MLM structure and you have a formula for vast power and wealth - albeit founded in manipulation, control and deception.

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