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Consumer Reports Articles

Article Index
Consumer Reports Articles
Amway E-84 countertop water filter
Scrub Brite liquid scouring cleanser
Dish Drops
Crystal Bright
SA8 Concentrate, powder and liquid
Zoom Concentrate
Clear Trak vacuum cleaner
Water treatment System E-9225
Crystal Bright dishwasher detergent
Dish Drops liquid dish soap
Magic Foam carpet cleaner and
Easy Magic Dry poder cleaner
E-9320 Carbon Water Filter
Aerosol oven cleaner
Buff-up furniture polish
Amguard E8496 burglar alarm

This file summarizes the findings of all Consumer Reports ratings of Amway products that I know of to date.

Distributor pricing for the SA8 powder and liquid were taken from Amway's 3/95 Wholesale Price List. Distributor pricing for Zoom was taken from 3/93 Wholesale price list. For all the others, I either used the most current Amway distributor price list, or estimated the distributor cost based on the percentage difference between the retail prices given in the CR reviews and Amway's 1993 suggested retail prices.