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The Canadian Fraud Case

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The Canadian Fraud Case
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Here are some of the details on the Canadian fraud case. This information is taken, with permission, from "Organizational Deviance in the Direct Selling Industry," By Carol Juth, Ph.D. Dr. Juth was a sociologist and an expert in corporate criminology. There are a number of magazine articles that contain much of the same information, but I decided to use Dr. Juth's material because it's more complete and concise, and it contains excerpts from the court documents in the case. For those who would like to confirm this information for themselves, though, the articles would probably be easier to find, so here's a partial list: 

  • Amway Cracks - And Pays, Maclean's 11/21/83
  • Extradition And The Amway Case, Maclean's 9/19/83
  • Amway Fined $25 Million In Canadian Fraud, Christianity Today 12/16/83
  • Amway, Canada Reach Settlement In Customs Dispute, Wall St. Journal 9/25/89
  • How Amway's Hawaiian Connection Worked, Detroit Free Press 8/30/82
  • Canada Seeks $130 Million In Fines and Taxes from Amway, Christianity Today 10/5/84
  • Border Trouble, Time magazine 11/29/82 

I also think it's enlightening to compare the "official" Amway version of what happened, as presented in the book "Promises To Keep" by Amway apologist Charles Paul Conn, with the documented facts of the case. Since Conn's version is so brief (due to all the facts being left out), I'm presenting it first. Following Dr. Juth's description of the case are excerpts from two articles that discuss how the Canadian fraud case and its subsequent cover-up by DeVos and Van Andel serve to illustrate the hypocrisy of Amway's owners, who claim to be guided by high moral and ethical standards, but chose to enrich themselves through deception and thievery.