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The Golden Calf

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The Golden Calf
A Visious Circle
Spreading the Commercial Gospel
Told To Go Get a Dream
Withholding of Key Information
Claims of Exclusivity
Claims of High Morality
Near Deification of Leaders
Abuse of Adherents
Authoritative Leadership and Control from a
Strong Charismatic Personality or Personalities
Attempts To Control Many Aspects of Adherents Lives
Claims of Satanic Opposition
Busy-ness and Sleep Deprivation
Contradictory Teachings and Resulting Confusion
Criticism of Christian Beliefs and Practices
Love- Bombing
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- From a Former Profit Sharing Direct Distributor and web site visitor.

This article is for those who are, have been, or may in the future be approached by a multi-level marketing scheme - in particular those schemes that are associated with powerful motivational organizations that are sometimes known as "The System".

As one who was involved for several years with an Amway Motivational Organization (AMO) and at one time had a fair size business, I would like to warn others of the deceptive, exploitative and even cultic nature of this type of business.

The top leaders of these organizations, over decades of fine tuning, claim to have developed systems that are helping large numbers of people to earn income even to the point of ‘financial independence’ in a business ‘whose time has come’. I believe and intend to demonstrate that these people have in fact put in place a program that is exploiting most of its participants in a business that is in fact a relic of the past.

I have come to believe that these organizations are robbing most of their participants of time, energy and treasure that could and should be spent elsewhere.

Their time and energy is spent ‘showing the plan’ endlessly to people most of whom have no idea what the presentation is all about, attending weekly meetings, and traveling hundreds of kilometers to weekend business functions.

Their money is spent on tickets to the meetings, on function tickets and related travel and lodging expenses, on expensive business support materials and on lots of network products. Many of the products purchased are superfluous to their needs and would not have been purchased before they became involved in a system that constantly exposes them to aggressive product promotion.

In these systems they are exposed to the extravagant lifestyle of wealthy up-line and taught to "fake it ‘til you make it" until they reach a profitable level. " Faking it "means always pretending you are doing better than you are in the business- no matter what your level of recognition or income may be. It also means, if you are financially successful already, giving the false impression to both prospective and actual distributors in your network that your financial success comes from your MLM business. This encourages them to work the business and buy a lot of products in order to duplicate your perceived success.

If you are not financially successful, and have reached a level of recognition in the business where you should be, you are encouraged to put on a false show of prosperity. You do this by buying a used Cadillac and shopping for fancy clothes at consignment shops and other used clothing stores.

These tactics bring more and more people into your business and the system teaches them to participate in the same deceptions. This is known as ‘duplication’. This continues until your business is full of enough people faking it and buying products, function tickets and business support materials that you are actually making some money. Then you are encouraged to re-invest this money in your business in the hope of attaining the ‘financial freedom’ that a very tiny percentage of participants actually attain.