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Ellen G. White Letter to Joseph Bates 1847

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Ellen G. White Letter to Joseph Bates 1847
The Secret Letter
Ellen White to Joseph Bates

History of the Bates' 1847 letter:

This letter was hid from the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and only part of the letter was used by Adventist leaders that would suit their purpose which was not to let the members know that Ellen believed in the shut door after 1845. The damaging parts of the letter that showed that Ellen G. White believed in the "Shut Door" after 1845, was never released to the public or members of the SDA Church till 1980. Adventist Presidents and leaders had access to this letter and cannot plead ignorance to its existence. An 1847 hand letter written by Ellen G. White, would be a letter they could not refuse to read or ignore, especially since Ellen was being accused of believing in the shut door by vision after 1845. This letter proves Ellen did not get her visions from God. The door of mercy was never closed to the world as taught by William Miller and confirmed by Ellen's vision.

Examples of deception; from the book, Ellen G. White and Her Critics, by Francis D. Nichol, p.621 in a footnote that states, "This date is established by a letter from Mrs. White to Joseph Bates, written from Gorham, Maine, July 13, 1847." Why didn't Nichol's print this letter? His attempts to defend Ellen G. White visions against the charge they taught Shut Door Doctrines, totally ignored the fact that Ellen did believe in the shut door as revealed in the 1847 Bates' letter. At this point in time the Shut Door meant that the door of mercy was closed to the world as taught and renounced by William Miller.

Another example of deception; from Life Sketches, published in 1915, p, 104, where the publishers show a photograph of page one in Ellen's handwriting of the Bates' letter. The White Estate had full knowledge of the fact that Ellen believed in the shut door from her visions. This letter was put back in the White Estate Vault after 1915 and never saw the light of day till it was uncovered by Skip Baker in 1980, and latter published in Adventist Currents, in July 1984.

Robert Olson, of the White Estate; placed the blame on Ellen G. White; "Ellen misinterpreted this vision…But she incorrectly concluded that no one could accept Christ after October 22, that only the little flock remaining in the household of faith would be saved, and that everyone else would be lost." One Hundred and One Questions, 1980, p. 58. The Robert Olsen confession only came when the Bates' letter was uncovered. From 1847 till 1980 is 133 years of deception. Does this remind anyone of the 1919 Bible Conference records that were hid 55 years till 1974, found by Donald Yost. This has been the history of Adventism, to hid, lie and cover up the truth of Adventist history. To uncover the truth has never been approved of by Adventist leaders, look at Rae, Ford, Veltman, Ron Numbers and the list goes on.

The last pages of the letter are missing? What happened to the last pages of the letter? Were they so bad that they had to be discarded and they overlooked the shut door portion?