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All The Emperor's Men The Book

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All The Emperor's Men The Book
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July 1999

Permission of the author has been given to anyone who wishes to download this book. If you use it as a resource, all is asked, is for you to make a donation to a genuine charity to acknowledge the countless hours of research undertaken.






All The Emperors men

All The Emperor's Men

An Inside View Of The Imperial Cult
Garry A Greenwood

A chilling expose of Japanese religious cults and how they will affect you!


I write this account of my experiences in the Japanese religious cult, Mahikari, from a view point of love.  Please use this book as your guide so that you do not have to experience the same pain and anguish that my family and myself went through.  Please do not go down this same road.  It will be far easier for you to live and experience what we did from the comfort of your armchair at home.  Believe me!

I have always been a seeker of the truth, sometimes perhaps with a little too much zeal, but I will always endeavour to get just that one step closer to it.  Truth never changes, only man's manipulation and perception of it does.  Its multiple facets shine eternally bright, and this brightness will dazzle us all from time to time, sometimes even to the point of blindness.

Fortunately for mankind, this blindness is usually only temporary, although its effects can be devastating.  This is to warn us that blindness can re-occur as we think we are getting closer to the light.

Simple words such as love, truth, light and God can convey powerful feelings or messages.  Perhaps this is because they share the same universal apex.

One cannot deny that there is change in the wind.  This wind is increasing in velocity, fanned by breathtaking advances in science, technology, communications, education and ease of travel.  It is not so much the wind's velocity with which we should be concerned, but more the direction it may take us.  The route to any destination is important, and it is not good to be subjected to undue suffering and confusion along the way, as this could result in arriving at a totally different destination.  In our spiritual search, this almost happened to us.

Truth and God are synonymous.  Just as a moth in the dark is to a street lamp, so is man to God.

This is immutable.