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(Papa Pilgrim) After hellish abuse, one Hale daughter fled from 'Heaven'

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(Papa Pilgrim) After hellish abuse, one Hale daughter fled from 'Heaven'
Wrath and Hellfire
One Special Daughter
Turning Point
Out In The Wild


The hidden tale of Papa Pilgrim emerged in court last week, as a state judge sentenced 66-year-old Robert Hale to 14 years in prison for rape, incest and coercion.

The judge said Hale's wife and 15 children were all victims of the beatings, isolation and psychological torture that reached their worst on the homestead in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  But the legal victim in the case was Butterfly Sunstar, born in the hippie years before Hale became a born-again Christian and switched to biblical names.  Her family calls her Elishaba.

From the witness stand Monday she described her years of torment, sparing few details about a savage three-day imprisonment in a wannigan shack in McCarthy in January 2005.

When the court proceeding was over, when she had looked her father in the eye and told him what she thought, she decided it was now all right to tell her story openly — to finish telling it, and then to move on.

And so last week, with her family and her sister Jerusalem gathered close, Elishaba described the nine months between the attack in the wanigan and her father's arrest — the time of the awakening, and the escape from Hillbilly Heaven.