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Watchtower & Awake Song by the late Dale Baker

Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 01:24:52 -0500
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Subject: WT and Awake Song (humor)

Hi all,

I was going through some of my dad's computer files and ran across the following.  For those not familiar with "Sweet Violets", The 2nd and 4th line of each stanza have an implied rhyme, indicated by the ( ), that goes with the last word on the 1st and 3rd line.  But instead of giving you the rhyming word you would expect, the next line goes off in a different direction.  Enjoy!

-Randy Baker.

(tune of Sweet Violets)
by Dale Baker

There once was an elder who stood at my door,
He said I was wicked, my wife was a- ( )
postate and both of us might just as well
resign from the Watchtower and go straight to ( )
bed without dinner for doubting their word,
that everything God said was written-in the

    Watchtower an' Awake...
    5 cents a copy...
    If you don't believe it you surely will die,
    Don't miss an issue of Watchtower an' Awake.

I've gone to the meetings since I was a lad,
but t'wasn't till later I learned I'd been ( )
spending my life in a rat-race of works,
thinking that all other Christians were ( )
very nice people, though in Satan's power,
who'd only be saved if they'd just read the

    Watchtower an' Awake...
    4 bits a copy
    Thank Jimmy Swaggert we now give 'em free,
    We pay no taxes on Watchtower an' Awake.

In 'Seventy-five, they expected the end,
A promise so certain that we should de-( )
lay all our pleasures and put life on hold,
forget about pensions, we'd never get ( )
weary of preaching, 'cause we knew for sure,
that what God confided they'd put in the

    Watchtower an' Awake...
    Announcing God's Kingdom.
    If it's revised, we'll keep you advised,
    Keep up to date with the Watchtower an' Awake.

In 'Seventy-nine some in Brooklyn did get
in trouble for reading and not knowing ( )
that it was bad to read Bibles at home.
For soon you'd be rabid and your mouth would ( )
start telling others the facts from God's Word,
instead of the present truth found in the

    Watchtower and Awake...
    Read every issue.
    Don't criticize what you read with your eyes,
    Keep in lock-step with the Watchtower an' Awake.