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Marriage licence for Jack Rosenberg / Curt Wilhelm VonSavage / Werner and Ellen Erhard etc

Werner and Ellen Erhard marriage licence.Outrageous Betrayal: The Dark Journey of Werner Erhard from est to Exile

By Steven Pressman
1993, St. Martin’s Press: New York
ISBN 0-312-09296-2

Excerpted from PAGE 6:

Unfortunately for Rosenberg, his wife, Pat, and his mother learned about his affair, which succeeded only in increasing his hostility toward both of them.  Soon he had a new plan to get away from his family and Philadelphia.  On March 29, 1960, he and June — who now knew about Rosenberg’s double life drove the seventy miles that separated Philadelphia from Bel Air, Maryland, not far from the Pennsylvania border.  That afternoon he and June applied for a Maryland marriage license under the names of Curt Wilhelm VonSavage and Celeste Marie Radell.  On the application for the license, Rosenberg accurately listed his age as twenty-four and his occupation as that of a salesman.  But VonSavage, he wrote, had been born in New Jersey and currently lived in the small New Jersey town of Phillipsburg.  Three days later, on April 1, a Methodist minister in Bel Air united the covert couple in marriage.  Jack Rosenberg had committed bigamy.  Wedding vows completed, the couple returned to Philadelphia, where June Bryde quietly resumed her job at the real estate office while Rosenberg continued selling cars and living with Pat and the children in an apartment in Hatboro, a commuter town north of Philadelphia off the turnpike.

Not long after, “Jack Frost” abruptly announced to his boss he was quitting and moving out of town.  On May 25, 1960, Rosenberg picked up June from her real estate office and drove to the Newark airport, where they left the car in the parking lot and boarded a flight to Indianapolis.  More than a dozen years would pass before Rosenberg’s family would hear from him again.  By the time they landed a few hours later, Jack Rosenberg and June Bryde were ready to begin new lives as Werner and Ellen Erhard.

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For your own Certified Copy of a Marriage Record from the Hartford County Circuit Court :

  1. 1) Write a letter to the Hartford County Circuit Court, stating that you are requesting a copy of a Marriage Record.  Address it to:
    Clerk of the Court
    Hartford County Circuit Court
    20 West Courtland Street
    Bel Air, Maryland 21014

    (410) 638-3473
  2. Include in your letter the following information:
    Name of the Groom, Name of the Bride with maiden-name, Date of the wedding, and Location of the wedding.
  3. Enclose a check for $5.00, made out to "Clerk of the Court."
  4. The Circuit Court will appreciate it if you also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  5. Wait for your Certified Copy of the requested Marriage Record, should take under 2 weeks.