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Background Papers: Understanding the German View of Scientology (from German embassy web site)

Article Index
Background Papers: Understanding the German View of Scientology (from German embassy web site)
Fact Sheet on Scientology
Is Scientology a threat?
Federal and Regional Action Taken Against the Scientologists in Germany
What is the Truth about the Scientologists
The Scientology Public Relations Campaign Against Germany
American Media Reports on Scientology

American Media Reports on Scientology

ABC 20/20 Sunday
"A Misunderstood Religion or a Predatory Cult?" (December 20, 1998)

A&E Investigative Reports
"Inside Scientology" (December 14, 1998)

NBC Dateline
"Bob Minton; One Man's Battle Against Scientology" (June 6, 1998)

CBS Public Eye
"The Sad End of Lisa McPherson" (January 8, 1998)

CBS 60 Minutes
"The Cult Awareness Network" (December 28, 1997)

Time Magazine
"Scientology: The Cult of Greed" (May 6, 1991) by Richard Behar

New York Times
"$12.5 Million Deal With I.R.S. Lifted Cloud Over Scientologists" (December 31, 1997)
"Boston Man in Costly Fight with Scientology" (December 21, 1997)
"Scientology Faces Glare of Scrutiny After Florida Parishioner's Death" (December 1, 1997)
"In Clearwater, Fla., Grudges Against Scientology Are Slow to Die" (December 1, 1997)
"Scientology Denies an Account of an Impromptu I.R.S. Meeting" (March 19, 1997)
"Scientology's Puzzling Journey From Tax Rebel to Tax Exempt" (March 9, 1997)
"An Ultra-Aggressive Use of Investigators and the Courts" (March 9, 1997)
Douglas Frantz authored the above articles

"Who Can Stand Up?" (March 16, 1997) in Journal by Frank Rich

Wall Street Journal
"The Secrets of the Universe" (February 24, 1998) in Review and Outlook
"Scientologists and IRS Settled for $12.5 Million" (December 30, 1997) by Elizabeth MacDonald
"The Scientology Problem" (March 25, 1997) in Review and Outlook

Boston Herald
Series March 1-5, 1998, by Joseph Mallia
"Judge found Hubbard lied about achievements" (March 1)
"Inside the Church of Scientology; Powerful church targets fortunes, souls of recruits" (March 1)
"Church keys programs to recruit blacks" (March 2)
"Milton school shades ties to Scientology" (March 2)
"Scientology reaches into schools through Narconon" (March 3)
"Church, enemies wage war on Internet battlefield; Copyright laws used to silence online foes"(Mar. 4)
"Sacred teachings not secret anymore" (March 4)
"Battle sites in the Web war" (March 4)
"Scientology group reaches kids through PBS videos" (March 5)
"Church wields celebrity clout" (March 5)

Providence Journal-Bulletin
"The Germans Have a Word for It" (February 5, 1997) by Philip Terzian

Associated Press
"U.N. investigator rejects as 'puerile' Scientology's Nazi claim" (March 3, 1998) in Worldstream, International News