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Background Papers: Understanding the German View of Scientology (from German embassy web site)

Article Index
Background Papers: Understanding the German View of Scientology (from German embassy web site)
Fact Sheet on Scientology
Is Scientology a threat?
Federal and Regional Action Taken Against the Scientologists in Germany
What is the Truth about the Scientologists
The Scientology Public Relations Campaign Against Germany
American Media Reports on Scientology

What is the Truth about the Scientologists' Claims?

In its campaign to discredit Germany, Scientology uses the tactic of supplying only incomplete information to back up its claims, making it extremely difficult for the German government to research and respond to charges.  However, the German government continues its attempts to investigate Scientologists allegations, as it would any citizen's. 

The Scientologists' repeated allegations that artists belonging to Scientology cannot perform in Germany are false.  Freedom of artistic expression is guaranteed in Article 5 (3) of the German Basic Law (Germany's Constitution), thus artists are free to perform or exhibit in Germany anywhere they please. 

Jazz pianist Chick Corea performed in Germany on March 24, 1996, during the 27th International Jazz Week held in Burghausen, an event which received approximately $10,000 in funding from the Bavarian Ministry of Culture. 

"Mission Impossible," starring Tom Cruise, was a hit in Germany, grossing $23.6 million. 

Likewise, the Scientologists' claim that a teacher who taught near the city of Hannover was fired for her beliefs is untrue.  The woman was not fired, though she repeatedly violated school regulations by using the classroom to recruit students and their parents to Scientology.  After multiple warnings, the woman was transferred from classroom to administrative duties to prevent further violations. 

Contrary to Scientology's allegations, no child can be prevented from attending public school in Germany.  In fact, like all children in the country, Scientologists children must be enrolled in either public or private institutions.