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What is CAIC?

  • CAIC is concerned about people who are ensnared in totalitarian groups.
  • CAIC warns the public about cults, their deceitful recruiting techniques, the imprisoning of member's minds though fear and phobia indoctrination and the isolation of members from those outside the group either physically or psychologically,
  • CAIC works together with others who are as concerned as we are.

Founder, the late Jan Groenveld, had been involved in liberating people from cults since 1980.  This web site is from her work.

CAIC educates the public about the technique used by ALL cults and spiritually abusive churches, and how to counteract them.  If you have a family member of a friend involved in a cult make sure you learn to identify a cult by it's behavior (not doctrinal differences).  See General Information for more details.


Have you ever felt that there would be fewer cult members if only more information from were available?  The Internet is the only medium where both cult members and non-members are on a level playing field.  Cult members can now obtain information secretly, without fear of repercussions for doing so until they are ready to leave.


We believe in what we're doing and we gladly provide this information free of charge.  CAIC is comprehensively funded and there is no need for donations.  This is an all-you-can-eat (with no guilt) site.

We have seen the power of the information on this site at work.  We have read message after message from confused individuals, many of whom spent years on their own trying to figure their way out of the traps of oppressive religious groups until one day stumbling upon the CAIC web site.  They tell us that the information on our web site was like a "light bulb" that turned on and helped them to find their way out of a mental maze.

You're not the only one.