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Hobart Freeman and Faith Assembly

Faith Assembly, also known as "Glory Barn," is a cult based in the area around Warsaw, Indiana.  It was by Hobart Freeman.  Members are discouraged from seeking medical attention on the grounds that only God can heal, and that the use of medicine is evidence of lack of faith.

Several newspaper accounts claim that over 52 people have died as a result of the teachings of Faith Assembly.  Most of them were infants and children.  Reporters Jim Quinn and Bill Zlatos of the FORT WAYNE NEWS-SENTINEL have stated:

  •  Only a small fraction of the 52 known victims were old enough to understand the teachings of Faith Assembly. An even smaller fraction made their own decision to shun medical treatment.
  • One victim asked for a doctor a few hours before her death, but no doctor arrived because her husband and friends decided prayer was best for the woman. They prayed for her for hours after she had died.
  • Routine medical procedures could have prevented many of the deaths.