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from 'Oprah Winfrey, New Thought, 'The Secret' and the 'New Alchemy""

After suffering chronic illness and dabbling in homeopathy and alternative healing, Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) turns to Phineas Quimby for treatment.  Julius A. Dresser said that when Eddy "became a patient of Quimby, she at once took an interest in his theory, and imbibed his explanations of truth rapidly."

A few months after feeling relief, in the Portland Evening Courier, Eddy's testimony on Quimby is recorded:

[...] is it by animal magnetism that he heals the sick?  Let us examine.  I have employed electro-magnetism and animal magnetism, and for a brief interval have felt relief, from the equilibrium which I fancied was restored to an exhausted system or by a diffusion of concentrated action.  But in no instance did I get rid of a return of all my ailments, because I had not been helped out of the error in which opinions involved us.  My operator believed in disease independent of the mind; hence, I could not be wiser than my teacher.  But now I can see dimly at first, and only as trees walking, the great principle which underlies Dr. Quimby's faith and works; and, just in proportion to my light, perception, is my recovery.  This truth which he opposes to the error of giving intelligence to matter and placing pain where it never placed itself, if received understandingly, changes the currents of the system to their normal action; and the mechanism of the body goes on undisturbed.  That this is a science capable of demonstration becomes clear to the minds of those patients who reason upon the process of their cure.  The truth which he establishes in the patient cures him (although he may be wholly unconscious thereof); and the body, which is full of light, is no longer in disease.  At present I am too much in error to elucidate the truth, and can touch only the key-note for the master-hand to wake the harmony. 

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1866 - After a fall on the sidewalk caused her to seek her own cure, Mary Baker Eddy says she "discovered the Science of Divine Metaphysical Healing, which I afterward named Christian Science."  In reality, this "scientific certainty that all causation was Mind, and every effect a mental phenomenon," was based upon her own understanding of the healing principles of Quimby.

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