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About Jan Groenveld

Since 1979 Jan Groenveld had been involved in providing information and education about cults and isms, supporting families and former members and helping families trying to keep communications open with a loved one in a cult.

Why did she do this?

Jan said "After 15 years wandering through the world of the cults, including time in both Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses, I finally realized that I was being controlled rather than controlling my own life.  I found myself alone with no access to information that would help me recover.  I resolved then to make it easier for others than it was for me and my family.  When I left, there was no one to talk to about my experience who understood ... life was very lonely and frightening at times."

Jan was a beloved grandmother and friend to many thousands of people from around the world.  Her going on to her eternal rest has left many of us with an ache in our hearts, but here we are still able to visit with her through her work, which was her life's labor of love.

Jan Groenveld

Hear Jan's audio message "There are no wasted years" (35min)
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KhaliaOn the 15th of November 1996, Jan also dedicated this page to her grand-daughter Khalia (April 17, 1993 to February 24, 1995) who was lost in a car accident.