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Facts You Should Know About the Christian Convention Church


Also known as: The No-Name Church, the Two by Twos, Go Preachers, Cooneyites, The Truth, Gospel Meetings and etc.


The following information is presented out of loving concern; however, only you will determine how to handle these facts and bear accountability for your use of this knowledge. THE ONE TRUE GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF BONDAGE, IGNORANCE, LIES, CONFUSION OR ERROR!

The initial premise of this church: "the gospel message is to be presented freely," without monetary responsibility from believers. This sounds appealingly generous to the listener. Yet, it conceals a hidden agenda which inflicts far more bondage than any financial responsibility ever could. The people in this sect are coerced into accepting a belief system which they don't understand, through their awe of the leaders and the appeal of something for nothing. This information is presented with the sincere desire that the reader would seriously examine the doctrinal message and the history of this church.


The basic doctrine of this church, which claims to have no name, is that salvation is only possible through their homeless, itinerant, "unsalaried," unmarried "workers." Beyond this, the church's theology is expressed in only the most ambiguous terms. Therefore, the members and even some of the workers are unaware of some of the basic beliefs of this cult.

Inference of a message, rather than direct statements is the most common method of teaching. This creates confusion, prevents detection and correction of doctrinal errors, and keeps people dependent on the workers for advice.

The members are kept ignorant through their respect for the workers and fear of God. Their inadequate understanding of God and scripture reinforces their fear of asking probing questions, lest God punish them for "unwillingness."

Although this group frequenquently claims to be a direct continuation of the "original New Testament church," not founded by man, and to have no organization, historical records prove that it was founded in the early 1900s by one William Irvine, and is highly organized. Absolute authority in each region is exercised by a "head worker." Local itinerant workers employ similar power over the membership. Elders oversee the church in the absence of a worker.

Though individual "head workers" allow variances on "minor" points within their fields, the following beliefs and practices (taken from notes and tapes of meetings worldwide, over several generations) are quite characteristic of this sect. The precepts promoted by this group throughout its history, consistently, are in direct oppostion to God's unalterable Word.

"But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men." Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7



  • Ignorant of the biblical, Triune God: Three persons as one God. They honor not God, due to ther ignorance of Him. Antitrinitarian. * Assert that only the Father is God.

  • Assert that Jesus is not God. Some will admit that Christ is "divine," yet not truly God, and certainly not while on earth. They will submit no further thought to the subject, except to say that "Jesus is the Son of God, only a man," filled with the "Spirit."

  • Assert that the Holy Spirit is not God, but simply a force or energy from God. They preach a different Spirit.

  • Assert that Jesus could have sinned, but did not, thus, showing mankind that it is possible to please God through "self-denial." A different Jesus.

  • Assert that the father, Son and Holy Spirit are united only by a common attitude and purpose, instead of the biblical three persons in One God.

  • Assert that Jesus was sent as our example, instead of our substitute. A different gospel.
  • Assert that the "workers are Jesus Christ come again in the flesh," or "the Word made flesh in our time."

    • Assert that "Jesus only is our message," while ignoring the reality of who He is and the sufficiency of what He did as our substitutionary atoning sacrifice. * Assert that jesus was a man who became filled with the "divine" Christ Spirit through self-denial: Gnosticism.

    • Assert that the most important thing Jesus did was deny self to become the example minister. His atoning blood covers only those who follow the "example ministry."


  • Historical information of the church origin is carefully concealed, avoided, denied and destroyed when possible. * The workers do not feel obligated to answer doctrinal questions. They are taught to respnd without really answering, and believe anyone who is unwilling for their doctrine is unworthy to receive answers or salvation. Questions indicate that one doesn't have the Spirit.

  • Assert that the "workers" are "apostles." Twice as many women workers as men. The workers are the only ones considered capable of interpreting the Bible. * Enforce an unscriptural "celibacy" on the ministry which results in harmful situations, unsympathetic, unscriptural and unnatural attitudes and counsel.

  • Sermon messages are more allegorical and emotional than scriptural in content, leaning heavily on manipulation through guilt and fear.Assert that it is unscriptural and wicked to build church buildings, yet they construct and maintain buildings on convention property, needed only eight days out of the year.

    • Assert that it is unscriptural for preachers to receive incomes from the congregation.
      Assert that baptism must be performed by specific workers to be considered valid. Workers decide who may be baptized.

    • More emphasis on the question, "How do I look?" than on repentance of moral sin.Immoral and sometimes criminal behavior by the "workers," "elders," and some of the members usually goes unrebuked and is carefully covered up. Despite frequent, documented and repeated problems, this is one of many taboo subjects "not to be discussed" among the members--who is all fairness, are often unaware of what goes on, unless it involves them.


  • Assert that one is saved by "becoming like Jesus," through self-denial and self-effort rather than by the grace of God, through faith in the substitutionary life and death of Jesus Christ.

  • Assert that everyone in the world is lost except themselves yet have no assurance of their own salvation because they believe one cannot know whether one is saved until death because one can "lose out" at any time.

  • Assert that divorced and remarried persons cannot have salvation unless separated from second spouse. Those who are divorced are treated unfairly and unequally depending on status or locality.

  • Unscriptural attitudes toward marriage, sexuality, and the opposite sex. Dysfunctional families common.

  • Compartmentalize everyday existence into divergent "spiritual" and "natural" realms; a gnosticism which ignores the reality of scripture given for everyday living.

  • Assert that they don't want to be a "loaves and fishes church," thus discouraging charity, other than to, or through, the workers. Unscripturally selfish.

  • Members are psychologically isolated from nonmembers and insulated from the reality of normal life.

  • Submission and attitude are constantly monitored through statements in testimonial meetings.

  • Attitude towards the worders frequently appears to be more important than actual behavior.

  • Members often inform on each other under the guise of "concern." Absence, questions, or disagreement with beliefs results in a prompt mention to an elder or worker and may lead to shunning or excommunication.

  • Scriptural principles for daily living are ignored, yet great emphasis is placed on unscriptural prohibitions: bans on dancing, television, movies, tobacco, wedding celebrations, certain careers, certain clothing, makeup and hairstyles for women.

Secrecy Regarding Funds

Unacknowledged funds derived from legacies and contributions are controlled by "head workers" and certain "elders" with no accountability.


As in every cult, emotional and peer pressure are used to discourage questions and ensure conformity to the false "gospel" presented by the leaders. A newcomer's questions are almost always answered with "just keep coming to meetings and you'll understand" so that emotion and desire to receive the group's approval eventually renders the question irrelevant. The extraordinary "niceness" of the people in this group is the main attraction to strangers. The "niceness" is primarily shown to prospective indiviuals and is the group's mentod of winning new members.

A major problem in unraveling fact from fiction within this group is that important Christian words and concepts have been redefined. When the leaders are presented with obvious doctrinal error, they will usually feign the appearance of agreement with sound doctrine, talk around the issue without answering, make a joke, attack the integrity or motive of the questioner, or change the subject with an attack on other religious groups. Their theology is based more on their disapproval of other Christians than a clear understanding of God's Word.

Remember, anything built upon ignorance, and maintained by intimidation and lies is NOT truth!

The fact that the group bases its entire existence on misused texts from Matthew 10:5-15; Luke 10:1-12 should give some idea of their ignorance of the scripture which they purport to uphold. Close examination of those verses show that they themselves do not follow the instructions in those texts.

For more information contact:

Threshing Floor Ministries
P.O. Box 9899
Spokane, WA 99209