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Healthy Faith vs Unhealthy Faith

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Healthy Faith vs Unhealthy Faith
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One of the most notable things about the recruits into the Boston Movement is that most of the recruits seem to have come from a Christian background. Many were active in their local church when recruited. If they didn't have an unhealthy faith structure before their recruitment, they surely did on their exit.

Christians can suffer from the same problem - unhealthy faith. Could this be one of the reasons that people tend to jump from one abusive religious situation to another - why they so easily adapt to the cult situation? Over the last few years I have noted that most of those who went from a Christian church into a bible-based cult already had an unhealthy faith in God when they were recruited. Rather than teach them an unhealthy faith, the cult only re-enforced what they already had.

This problem has become so prevalent in our modern churches that books are being written by loving and caring Christians who would have us look seriously at the problem and help our brethren develop healthy faith in God. Sadly, it is the unhealthy faith structure that steers a church to becoming spiritually abusive and legalistic, even cultic in behaviour.

An understanding of unhealthy faith can help us to recognise it in our own lives and to help others who have developed this problem, our brethren and those caught up in bible-based cults. I strongly recommend the books listed at the end of this article.