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Cult Development Profiles

Cults throughout history have tended to follow "a script" which allows us to be aware of their development.

Doomsday cults in particular are the most dangerous. The leaders progress from "mild" apocalyptic preachings, to more extreme.

The typical doomsday cult will continually refer to those that belong as the privileged or special people (saved). Everyone outside the cult is "evil" or in danger.

It is only by the ritual and prayer and work of the cult that the world can be saved.

  1. Continuous exhortations to prayer and work becomes more common.
  2. References to natural disasters or astronomical phenomena are used to "confirm" the correctness of the leader.
  3. Members are expected to surrender their decision making processes to the leaders of the cult.
  4. Members are typically expected to surrender property or sell property and give proceeds to the cult. This locks the unfortunate in, as they are left with no way out. Typically, the cult leader will claim that proceeds are for the benefit of the cult or some good cause, and "the cult will look after you".
  5. The Cult leader will become "infallible" rather than just the visions, and he/she may change their name or titles, as their importance grows.
  6. The Cult will become more isolationist as time grows.

The Cult leader and members of the cult may begin to demonstrate and excuse "abberant behavior" including:

  1. Fraud or otherwise misleading behaviour (but only against the "outside world)
  2. Suicide (even though suicide is wrong, they will justify it as "non-suicide", or more likely, "martyrdom")
  3. Sexual promiscuity within the group (particularly by the leaders), any such sexual activity is " blessed"or "mystical", and the sexual liaisons will be sanctioned by God. This may occur even though the cult leaders will preach against the "Wickedness of the world"