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Responsible Spiritual Leadership

One of the most damaging aspects of toxic religous belief is the amount of false shame that comes from the leadership under the guise of moral pre-eminence and one-up-man-ship. 

In contrast, genuine spiritual leaders will:

... serve you to set you truly free, to enable you to experience fully the true freedom in Christ.  They will enable a proper love of yourself and true love for others.  They will encourage you to have a greater sense of honesty with who you are before God and a connectedness to yourself and God.  As a result you will have a greater sense of the Grace and Mercy of God and a desire to not sin against Him or your fellow man.  There will be a deepening sense of repentence in your attitude toward life and you will be empowered to be a human-being and be a human-doing.

Many judge a persons spirituality by what they do.  But spirtuality is from the inside.  Spirituality mus be in the person, part of the person before it can move outward where all can see it as opposed to religion which is externally decreed rules of conduct.  This is extrememly destructive to a persons ability to become a mature individual before God and man..

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE any teaching that hinders your freedom to choose, know, be, to mature into the person God meant for you to be.  The same applies to any teaching that contributes to a sense of you being better than, superior to in any way, to another person.

Be aware!  There are leaders/preachers that want you to give YOUR freedom to them.  We are responsible to God alone and can never be able to use the excuse “I was only following orders” or “I was just being submissive”.  It just won’t wash when the Lord says “Did not my Word say ...?”