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Antidote for Cult Recruitment

  1. Know who you are and why you are the way you are.  You are unique and it would be a waste for you to throw your identity away in favour of a group that does not encourage you to ask penetrating questions. 
  2. Find yourself a role-model.  Let this person be someone you know well, respect and admire.  This person will help you through the rough times and inspire you during the good times. 
  3. Know what cults are selling.  Understand the issues before you attempt to dialogue with them. 
  4. Be wary of people who want to be your best friends on your first meeting, who want you to share your personal and intimate details with them, when you don't really know them or them you. 
  5. Beware of groups or persons who subtly separate you from your friends and family and substitute their group family. 
  6. We all have things we don't like about ourselves.  This makes us more vulnerable because cults are experts at identifying these things and providing quick and easy answers. 
  7. We all grow up.  As part of this we try to draw away from our parents authority over us.  Some rebel more than others in this attempt.  Don't let this time be a time when you exchange the control of your parents from the even stronger and demanding control of a cult which will not permit you any autonomy or individuality. 
  8. "It won't happen to me" are often the last words someone says before it does.  When your defences are down to that level you are even more vulnerable than normal.