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Signs of Involvement in Spiritually Abusive Bible-Based Group

These early warning signs may serve as a useful checklist to determine if you, a family member, or a friend has become involved in a destructive Bible-based religion.

  • Isolation from everyone or everything outside of the group and its control.
  • A we/they mentality. All those outside the group are somehow negative or not equal; one must be a member. Partial commitment or belief is not tolerated (no shades of grey).
  • Everything outside of their particular group is evil, of the devil, or worldly - including other churches or denominations.
  • Excessive fasting and praying, extreme tension or stress, which may result in eating disorders, chronic depression, acute anxiety, physical exhaustion, or illness.
  • Compulsively talking about the group, its leaders, and its doctrines. Repeatedly quoting certain scriptures emphasized by the group.
  • Refusing to engage in conversation that may question the group and its leaders. Such criticism may even be characterized as satanic.
  • Almost complete or total domination of the participant's time by the group. Attending Bible study, crusades, revivals, prayer meetings, services, or other group activities constantly. Little if any time is left for family, old friends, or other interests.
  • The group discourages questions concerning its leaders or doctrines. Doubt may be equated to an attack by the devil upon the follower's mind.
  • Compulsively and constantly witnessing their beliefs to everyone, often in a confrontational or extreme manner.