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Adam-God Teaching - A Theory or a Doctrine

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Adam-God Teaching - A Theory or a Doctrine
Common Ground
A Theory or a Doctrine?
Formal Vote Not Always Needed
Brigham Young
What Young Said About the Bible
Is Belief in Adam-God Not Essential?
What Else Did He Say?
First Principle Is To Know God
Young Fails Test of a Prophet
Differences Between Bible Authors?
Mormon Opinion of Christendom
Why Do Mormons Want To Be Called Christians?
Adam-God Opposition - Disciplinary Action
What General Authorities Thought
No Revelation on Adam-God?
God, Father, Adam, Michael,
Ancient of Days Teachings
Adam, Our Father and Our God.
Only One True Father

by John Farkas

Van Hale’s booklet, What About the Adam-God Theory? (No. 3 in the Mormon Miscellaneous response series) purports to debunk claims that early Mormon leaders believed in the “Adam-God doctrine.” This doctrine, or theory as some call it, was a teaching by Brigham Young, second president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Young taught that the pre-mortal Adam of the Garden of Eden, was in the pre-existence, the Father of the spirit of Jesus Christ. He also is the Father of our spirits, and was the literal Father of the physical body of Jesus Christ. He is our God (i.e., God the Father). There is also evidence that the fourth and fifth presidents and prophets, Wilford Woodruff and Joseph F. Smith, supported this idea.

This doctrine is no longer taught by the Mormon church. Spencer W. Kimball, the 12th Mormon president and prophet, denounced it in 1976. Hale would have readers of his booklet believe the Mormon church never taught it. However, the evidence clearly shows that the Mormon church taught it, considered it important and punished people who rejected it.