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Suggested Reading

Robert D. Hicks, "In Pursuit of Satan: The police and the occult." Prometheus, Buffalo, 1991.

Jeffrey S. Victor, "Satanic Panic: The creation of a contemporary Legend," Open Court, Chicago, 1993.

"The Satanism Scare, " (J.T. Richardson, J.Best, D.G. Bromley eds.), Aldine de Gruyter, New York, 1991.

Also ...

Joachim Schmidt, "Satanismus: Mythos und Wirklichkeit," diagonal-verlag, Marburg, 1992.

A historic book that treats historical "satanism" in depth is:

Norman Cohn, "Europe's inner demons: the demonization of christians in medieval christendom," Pimlico, London, 1993 (fully revised; first edn was 1975) paperback

This book details the fabrication of the the accusation that people sacrifice babies during secret rituals).