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Report on Ritual Abuse by FBI Agent Kenneth Lanning

Article Index
Report on Ritual Abuse by FBI Agent Kenneth Lanning
Historical Overview
Law Enforcement Training
Multidimensional Child Sex Rings
Alternative Explanations
Do victims lie about sexual abuse and exploitation?
Law Enforcement Perspective
Investigating Multi- dimensional Child Sex Rings
Suggested Reading


January 1992

Kenneth V. Lanning
Supervisory Special Agent
Behavioral Science Unit
National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI Academy
Quantico, Virginia 22135



1.  Introduction.

2.  Historical Overview.
— a. "Stranger Danger".
— b. Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse.
— c. Return to "Stranger Danger".
— d. The Acquaintance Molester.
— e. Satanism: A New Form of "Stranger Danger".

3.  Law Enforcement Training.

4.  Definitions.
— a. What is Ritual?
— b. What is "Ritual" Child Abuse?
— c. What Makes a Crime Satanic, Occult, or Ritualistic?

5.  Multidimensional Child Sex Rings.
— a. Dynamics of Cases.
—— (1) Multiple Young Victims.
—— (2) Multiple Offenders.
—— (3) Fear as a Controlling Tactic.
—— (4) Bizarre or Ritualistic Activity.
— b. Characteristics of Multidimensional Child Sex Rings.
—— (1) Female Offenders.
—— (2) Situational Molesters.
—— (3) Male and Female Victims.
—— (4) Multidimensional Motivation.
—— (5) Pornography and Paraphernalia.
—— (6) Control through Fear.
— c. Scenarios.
—— (1) Adult Survivors.
—— (2) Day Care Cases.
—— (3) Family/Isolated Neighborhood Cases.
—— (4) Custody/Visitation Disputes.
— d. Why Are Victims Alleging Things that Do Not Seem to be True?

6. Alternative Explanations.
— a. Pathological Distortion.
— b. Traumatic Memory.
— c. Normal Childhood Fears and Fantasy.
— d. Misperception, Confusion, and Trickery.
— e. Overzealous Intervenors.
— f. Urban Legends.
— g. Combination.

7. Do Victims Lie About Sexual Abuse and Exploitation?
— a. Personal Knowledge.
— b. Other Children or Victims.
— c. Media.
— d. Suggestions and Leading Questions.
— e. Misperception and Confusion.
— f. Education and Awareness Programs.

8. Law Enforcement Perspective.

9. Investigating Multidimensional Child Sex Rings.
— a. Minimize Satanic/Occult Aspect.
— b. Keep Investigation and Religious Beliefs Separate.
— c. Listen to the Victims.
— d. Assess and Evaluate Victim Statements.
— e. Evaluate Contagion.
— f. Establish Communication with Parents.
— g. Develop a Contingency Plan.
— h. Multidisciplinary Task Forces.
— i. Summary.

10. Conclusion.

11. References.

12. Suggested Reading.