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Bad Satan Psycho-juju ...
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... False Memories, Broken Families, Child Sacrifice and the New Satanic Panic

by Brian Siano

4404 Walnut Street 3F
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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"To what end or purpose is this sacrilegious offering of children, and how does it benefit the devils?. . . The first reason arises from their pride, which always increases; as it is said: 'They that hate Thee have lifted up the head.' For they try as far as possible to conform with divine rites and ceremonies. Secondly, they can more easily deceive men under the mask of an outwardly seeming pious action. . . And the third reason is, that the perfidy of witches may grow, to the devils' own gain, when they have witches dedicated to them from their very cradles."
From the Malleus Maleficarum, the Inquisition's official reference on witchcraft (circa 1484)

20/20 and Geraldo Rivera notwithstanding, the incidence of exorcisms and witch-burnings has dropped off appreciably since the days of Torquemada. To most of us, this represents progress; if we're accused of bewitching the cattle, we won't have to choose between Repent While Suffering or Die Horribly. We don't start mustering up infidels for an auto da fe when the crops go bad anymore. We hope that five hundred years of progress has taught us to approach our problems with a degree of sophistication.

But the temptation to see Satan lurking in the woodpile has stayed with us, and over the past ten years or so, talk shows, law- enforcement training programs, and parents' seminars have been organized to discuss a so-called epidemic of occult-related crime. As a result, some therapists are treating Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) as a distinct psychiatric disorder-- caused by real Satanic Rituals.

However, a growing number of experts have raised strong objections to these theories, describing them as a modern-day version of the Salem witch hunts. Researchers argue that claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse have created a climate of suspicion over minority religious faiths, mainly for evangelical and political purposes. Therapists and psychology researchers question the methods used to elicit what they term "false memories" of childhood cult abuse, incest, rape, murder, infanticide, and even abduction by UFOs. The courts are now dealing with these accusations of abuse, brought by adults against their parents.

It's a tricky field to navigate, and it could be littered with broken families and confused victims in the near future.