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Children, Ritual Abuse Testimony & Implanted Memories

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Children, Ritual Abuse Testimony & Implanted Memories
Are the Children Telling the Truth?
How Easy is it to Implant False Memories in Children?
North American Research
New Zealand Research
Influence of Talk Shows
Indications that False Memories have been Implanted
Indications that Large Scale Abuse Does Not Occur

Starting in 1983 with the Bakersfield/Kern County and McMartin Preschool cases in California and continuing to the present day in Edenton NC and Wenatchee WA, there have been a series of high profile MVMO (Multiple Victim, Multiple Offender) panics at day schools, baby sitting services and church Sunday schools. All have involved allegations of sexual abuse; almost all have also included ritual abuse.

A key ingredient in all MVMO panics that we have studied is the method used to interview the children. Social workers and child psychologists typically used direct and repeated questioning in order to manipulate the child to disclose abuse. It is apparent that many of the events that they describe did not actually happen. Believing the children, the juries vote to convict. (1)