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Satan's Sideshow (Lauren Stratford)

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Satan's Sideshow (Lauren Stratford)
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Who is Lauren Stratford?
Early Childhood
Her Later Childhood
Young Adulthood
Mid to Late Twenties
Her Thirties
The Years Before Satan
What Proof Exists of Laurels Testimony?
Please Show Us The Evidence

By Bob and Gretchen Passantino and Jon Trott

© Copyright 1989 by Bob and Gretchen Passantino and Jon Trott

Permission is granted for non-commercial replication of or excerpting from this material, provided (1) that appropriate notice is included of its copyright status, as above, and (2) that an appropriate reference to the Answers In Action name, address and phone number be included with all replicated and excerpted material.

This article first appeared in Cornerstone Magazine (Volume 18, Issue 90)

Step right up!  Its Satan's Underground!  A hundred thousand copies in print!  Featured on radio and TV, from "Geraldo" to "The 700 Club"!  Stories of satanic rituals, snuff films, and human sacrifice!  Author Lauren Stratford survived to tell us all about it!

Now judge for yourself ...