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Book Review: Smiling Through Tears

Author's: Pamela Freyd, Ph.D. and Eleanor Goldstein

More than 125 cartoons created by over 70 cartoonists help define the issues surrounding the   milieu in which false memories thrive.

From codependency to adult children to New Age beliefs, American society has proven fertile ground for the growth of the recovered memory movement. Using cartoons as a common thread, Smiling Through Tears is a unique nonfiction book that employs humor to tackle a painful and controversial issue, guiding the reader through a complex web of psychological and social elements that have nurtured one of the nation's most bizarre moral panics of this century.



"I think the book is terrific. I liked it because it supported a lot of the opinions I've had on psychiatry, cults, brainwashing and other ideas mentioned in the book."

- Mort Walker, Creator of Beetle Bailey


"By skillfully interweaving professional cartoons with valuable information about the repressed memory controversy, therapy gone crazy and the power of suggestion, Freyd and Goldstein educate readers about one of the major problems in contemporary society."

- Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, University of Washington Author of The Myth of Repressed Memory


"There will never be a more comprehensive or readable exposition of this entire topic for anyone who has to grapple with the issues in their personal or professional life, or anyone just interested. You'll learn and understand, and amidst the learning, you'll laugh with this marvelous book."

-Alan Gold, Criminal Defense Attorney, Toronto, Canada