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Book Review: SURVIVOR PSYCHOLOGY:The Dark Side of a Mental Health Mission

Author: Susan Smith

This is an important work that examines some important issues. The current explosive growth of pop psychology and pseudo-psychology, mixed in with politically correct ideas as well as New Age methods and ideas, has led to unethical and even criminal behavior by some psychologists, counselors, and hypnotherapists.   In this book, the author examines the "False memory syndrome" among other modern aberrations. This modern mental health movement has become a crusade says writer Susan Smith. Thousands of parents have been accused of everything from "emotional incest" to cannibalism, infanticide, rape, serial murder, and ritual abuse. And if they spanked their kids, this is evidence viewed almost as attempted murder by today's politically correct gestapo types.

While of course there do exist actual cases of all the above, the problem here deals with a person living a normal life, until the day of a "therapy" session or a visit to the local hypnotherapist. Then all kinds of bizarre things are "remembered."   This work focuses on how "memory work" contributes to charges 'imagined' or 'remembered' by the patient. It is a study of sociological context development of survivor psychology.

Apart from this the new mind medics consider 'Bad Parenting' to be the cause of the world's ills. An advocate of this view is the pop guru John Bradshaw, who is now fabulously popular. And he is now getting his own tv show!

This book is a useful contribution. While I would certainly not agree with every interpretation or view of the author, I do
believe this is valuable food for thought. A needed study of a disturbing trend.