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Book Review: Victims of Memory

by Mark Pendergrast.

A comprehensive, scholarly, investigative work on "recovered memory therapy," book — the definitive work on the subject.  Pendergrast brings unique qualifications to the task — a Harvard magna cum laude, he is a well-known invetigative journalist, researcher, and scholar whose last book, FOR GOD, COUNTRY AND COCA-COLA, was translated into nine languages and was chosen as a "Notable Book of the Year" by THE NEW YORK TIMES in 1993.  More poignantly, Pendergrast also has a tragic personal reason for pursuing this subject: VICTIMS OF MEMORY is a caring plea to his daughters for reconciliation, from a father mistakenly accused of sexual abuse.

The advance praise for VICTIMS OF MEMORY has been extraordinary.  Here are just two comments (many more will appear in the front matter and on the back cover of the book):

"In his impassioned, richly literate, and thoroughly researched book, Pendergrast tells an appalling, heart-breaking horror story of the forces of mental health gone berserk.  This is a courageous, terrifying, and necessary book."


"Mark Pendergrast has captured not only the personalities of all those involved, but the science (or lack thereof) underlying the repressed memory debate.  His compassionate, even feminist, account makes for compelling reading."

Elizabeth Loftus
Professor of Psychology, U. Washington


VICTIMS OF MEMORY could not reach print at a more crucial time.  The pendulum of public opinion has begun to swing.  As Pendergrast documents, MILLIONS of families have been destroyed, while lives, marriages and careers have been ruined by this form of dangerous, mind-warping psychotherapy.  Pendergrast has written from his heart, soul, and mind.  No reader will fail to be moved to thought and/ or tears.

Along with Pendergrast's book, two other major works questioning recovered memory therapy have just been issued:

MAKING MONSTERS by Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters, and THE MYTH OF REPRESSED MEMORY by Elizabeth Loftus and Katherine Ketcham.

To order VICTIMS OF MEMORY, write to Upper Access Books, P.O. Box 457, Hinesburg, VT 05461, or call us at 1-800-356-9315.

VICTIMS OF MEMORY by Mark Pendergrast

ISBN 0-942679-16-4

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