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Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memories

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Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memories
Initiation of Patients into RMT
Generating False Memories
The Dark Side of Recovery
The Care and Maintenance of False Memories
How Memory Really Works
Why Recovered Memory Therapy is Bad Therapy
Other Kinds of FMS
A Word About the Future

Other Kinds of FMS

Some individuals come to believe that they lived "past lives" as a result of having undergone "past life therapy."  This phenomenon generally develops in participants who are grounded in the New Age zeitgeist and already open to "discovering" their past lives.  They enroll in seminars which can run up to an entire weekend and will involve some measure of group hypnotic induction and guided meditations.  This sort of FMS also involves continuing group reinforcement.  In contrast to horrific images of sexual abuse, recollections of "past lives" are generally pleasant and interesting.  Few participants will recall spending prior lives in lunatic asylums or dungeons.  The whole experience is assumed to be therapeutic by helping participants better understand the situation of their present lives.

A small number of individuals develop "recovered memories" of being abducted by aliens from outer space.  Almost always these individuals had some curiosity about this area and were hardly skeptics before they fell into an alien abduction FMS.

In contrast to women who are plagued with concerns that they were sexually abused, these varieties of FMS are of a much more benign nature and do not disrupt personal functioning or family life.  While some of these individuals suffer the ignominy of being perceived as "kooks," they may receive compensating group support from those who share their beliefs.