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Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memories

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Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memories
Initiation of Patients into RMT
Generating False Memories
The Dark Side of Recovery
The Care and Maintenance of False Memories
How Memory Really Works
Why Recovered Memory Therapy is Bad Therapy
Other Kinds of FMS
A Word About the Future

Generating False Memories

Unlike courts of law which obtain objective evidence where allegations of evil-doing are made, RMT solely directs the patient to attend toward her inner world for "proof" she was sexually abused.  Such RMT techniques may include:

  • Meditation on fantasy production, such as pictures drawn in "art therapy," dreams, or stream of consciousness journal writing.
  • Hearing or reading about the "recovered memories" of other women which can serve as inspirations.
  • Amytal interviews ("truth serum") and/or hypnosis (including "age regression" where the patient is told she is temporarily being transformed into the way she was when she was five years old).
  • Telling the patient to review family albums; if she looks sad in some of her childhood photos, she is told this is further confirmation that abuse occurred.