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Who was Edgar Cayce?

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Who was Edgar Cayce?
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Dr. R. Alan Streett of Dallas, Texas Edited by David L. Brown, Th.M.

How could a person who was reared in a Christian home and who read the Bible cover to cover regularly end up believing in reincarnation, being a witch doctor, a false prophet and being a sprit medium? The answer is, the man did not evaluate things on the basis of the Bible he read but instead followed the wisdom from beneath mentioned in James 3:15-18. Read about the life of Apostate Edgar Cayce & be warned.

Edgar Cayce (pronounced KayCee), dubbed the "Sleeping Prophet" by author Jess Stearn, gave life readings to thousands of people during his 67 years.

Under the influence of a self-induced hypnotic trance, Cayce could diagnose illnesses and prescribe proper medical treatments for ailing individuals.

During a trance he would often use long medical terms which were normally used only by physicians. Upon awakening, he could hardly pronounce the words much less understand their meanings.